Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Is The Difference Between 300 DPI and 600 DPI?

Simply, The higher the DPI, the better the scan quality.  While 300 DPI resolution is fine for most, 600 DPI allows images to be enlarged without quality loss. We recommend 600 DPI for photo scanning.

We only Scan In 600 DPI    :-)    (higher resolutions are available, please contact us for details)

Q: What Photo Sizes Do You Scan?

We Scan Paper Photos sized up to 8" X 10”.

Q: How Much Does Scanning Cost?

               We offer tiered pricing.

Photo QuantityPrice Per Scan

Q: Do You Really Scan Paper Photos For Free?
               Yes, Free. While other competitors charge upfront to scan your photos, we will scan up to 5,000 photos for no charge. This allows you to get your Paper Photos Digitized and purchase when you ready.

Q: Do You Scan Photos In Photo Albums?

At this time, we do not accept photo albums. We ask that you remove your photos from the albums before sending to PhotoSentials.

Q: Why Does PhotoSentials Only Scan Paper Photos?

We currently only scan photos which allows us to have quick turnaround time and offer cheaper prices below our competitors.  If you find a cheaper price that offers all the options we do, we’ll price match them, plus 10%.

Q: When you say, “See Your Scans Live, Online as They are Scanned” . . . what does this mean?

When we receive your memories, we’ll send you an email notification and a link to your account. You can login to your account and your photos will appear as we have scanned them.

♡  We Love Technology Too  ♡

Order Process

Q: How Long Does The Process Take?

Turnaround time differs depending on order volumes. We offer expedited ​service if you require this option. You can always call us to find out more.

Q: Do You Offer Expedited Order Processing?

We sure do! This option is available on selected options. Start the digitizing process to see the options.

Q: Do You Have A Minimum Order Size?

No, but we highly suggest to fill up the Photo Boxes as much as possible. We offer two box sizes:  Medium – Approx: 1,200 photos, and Large – Approx: 2,400 Photos. Remember, the Flat Rate USPS shipping boxes do not charge based on weight so fill them up!

Also, We Scan All the photos for Free and you choose which digital scans you want to keep!


Q: Do I have To Sort My Photos Before Shipping?

No sorting required!  Photos are much easier to organize when they are in digital format.

Q: Why Do You Only Ship With USPS Flat Rate Priority Boxes?

We use USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes because they offer:

  • Flat Rate Pricing not based on weight or distance (package weights up to 70 lbs.).
  • 1-3 day shipping time with Saturday delivery and Special Handling in the USPS system.
  • Real-Time Tracking of Your Photo Box so you know where your memories are at all times.
  • Greater security. Only the USPS is authorized to place packages in mailboxes. Plus, unlike some carriers that simply leave packages on the porch, the USPS will try to re-deliver large packages. Not abandoning packages may help prevent some kinds of purchase fraud or theft.
  • Law enforcement protection. Flat rate USPS shipments are protected by U.S. federal law enforcement agencies, which may again contribute to lower fraud and theft rates.
  • USPS Package Insurance Included.
  • More addresses. The USPS delivers to more U.S. addresses than any other carrier, including post office boxes.

Q: Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Some promotional offers will include Free Shipping. Sign Up for promotional emails.

Q: How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Effective January 21, 2018

USPS Small Flat Rate Box:  $7.20 one-way

USPS Medium Flat Rate Box:  $13.65 one-way

USPS Large Flat Rate Box:  $18.90 one-way ​

Q: What Address Do I ship My Photo Boxes To?





Q: How Should I Pack My Photos?

Please only use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes to ship your photos to PhotoSentials. We recommend choosing the proper size and filling up the box as much as possible to avoid your photos moving around and scratching. Bubble wrap, plastic bags, or anything to fill the empty space will work great right before you tape up the box. Please include an address label inside the photo box just in case your shipping label is torn off the box during shipment.

Q: Do You Guarantee Against Loss?

Yes, we do!  With our Safe Handling Guarantee If your photos are lost while in our facilities, we will give you $1,500.

Also, while in transit (To/From) our facilities, you are covered under the USPS terms and insurance.


Q: Do You Keep My Credit Card Information On Your Servers?

No, we utilize a third party payment processor (STRIPE) to process all of our credit card transactions. We also offer PayPal as a verified secure payment method. We never see any of your personal financial information.


Q: Do You Offer Fundraisers For Organizations?

Contact Us If You Are Interested In Starting a Fundraiser

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